marketing mixThe ideal marketing mix for a business or career advertising plan can use a balanced blend of social media platforms and methods. Word of mouth advertising encourages a consumer to talk about a product or service among a group of friends on the Internet and face to face. Viral marketing is used frequently to create a blast of product information that reaches a number of potential consumers. Facebook marketing uses interactive encounters and shared interests to create a type of marketing network for products and services, and direct news agencies provide product review as well.

A pass type message can be sent out to potential customers. This type of social media messaging encourages the user to pass it on to others. Undercover marketing is a type of marketing that is not immediately obvious. Information can be sent out for reading, and an advertising message can be a part of what is read. Fan clubs or friend associations are created to promote certain Internet products or services. This kind of information distribution can be used in conjunction with a more traditional email marketing campaign, for example. Announcement messages can be used as well.