Social media marketing can be a method of gaining website traffic or Internet attention for a product or service. This type of marketing usually focuses on creating content that attracts attention and encourages viewers to share this information with their social network contacts. A corporate message can spread from user to user, and this type of endorsement is used to create an audience for the particular product or service. This product exposure can be a certain branding for a company. The video has further information for viewing.

Social media marketing has become an easily accessible platform for Internet businesses and brick and mortar businesses with an online presence. Increased communication frequently provides a direct customer interaction that fosters a certain type of brand awareness and an improved customer service. Social media can provide an inexpensive platform for companies that want to begin a formal advertising campaign.

The mass marketing of the 1920′s and the 1960′s has become today a type of transparent marketing. Transparent marketing uses a non-deceptive tactic to engage and satisfy modern consumers for business products as well as for business services.