Viral-MarketingSocial media transmission can include several forms of viral marketing that are more up and coming. The following advertising methods seem to be effectively popular with younger readers who are more invested in the Internet as a form of business venue or are more interested in Internet communication as a lifestyle:

  1. Instant messaging to mouth viral marketing is a mode of information transmission that is becoming more of a popular standard. This viral marketing method sends hyperlinks through programs of instant messaging. There are several protocols that are available to transmit advertising information in this fashion. Younger readers may tend to trust friends that send links through an instant messaging venue. (Gordon, Ian, 1989. Beat the Competition: How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Develop Winning Business Strategies. Oxford, U.K.: Basil Blackwell Publishers.
  2. Bluetooth protocols have become more widespread with a younger and more mobile user population. Mobile phones are supporting a modern Bluetooth application. This mobile phone and data service wireless service allows for free communication between Bluetooth customers. Advertising information can be interchanged among these network users, and many types of content can be interchanged.

Viral marketing has been targeted for younger advertising customers. Instant messaging to mouth is an up and coming method that is gaining popularity. Bluetooth wireless customers are supporting mobile types of advertising content including promotional videos. Reward references use an additional popular method of communication protocol that creates a list of user addresses for product and business service marketing.