It is no surprise that many start-up companies are making full use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and others for marketing purposes. Social media is free to use, and it can reach potentially millions of consumers, so it provides start-up companies in a wide range of industries with a cost-effective marketing solution. In the travel industry, some start-up companies are effectively creating a solid online reputation through innovative uses of social media websites.

Two-Way Communication

With many marketing and advertising methods, the message between a company and the consumer is one-way. The company creates a message that may be delivered through different forms of media, and the consumer receives it. While the consumer may be asked to take action, such as making a purchase, the message is delivered in a one-way format. With social media, however, consumers can deliver a message about their experiences with the company, their desire for certain products or services to be offered and more. For example, in the travel industry, a consumer may post a picture and testimonial about the recent trip they had to a travel company’s Facebook page. This can be seen by other customers, and it actually is a free and highly effective way to create an improved company image.


Creating Interest and Generating Demand

medium_travelSocial media is also a great way for travel start-ups to create interest in their services, and by creating interest, they are generating demand. Whether the company creates tweets, posts and more using social media websites or current customers create these on behalf of the company, the fact is that these messages are reaching others who may be interesting in seeing those same destinations or enjoying similar travel experiences. In some cases, consumers may simply not know that specific tours are available or how affordable it is to stay at a specific resort in an exotic destination. The company can use social media websites to generate interest and demand for the services they offer.

Social media websites may be one of the best resources available for travel start-ups to use, but it is important that these websites are used in an effective and targeted manner. Care should be taken to create the right message and to build a solid reputation as well as to avoid over-communication. Many travel start-ups will find that their social media marketing is most effective when they employ the skills of a marketing company.