About Us

We are a team with a diverse wealth of experience, including credentials in planning, marketing and advertising. Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked across a broad scale of services; consulting for clients, building and implementing strategies and running training courses ranging from basic introductions through to in-depth analyses of current and future market trends.

Our bread ‘n’ butter may be big brands, but we also take pride in working with authors, musicians, artists and small business owners to help them take control of social media and use it for business effectively.

Nancy Williams | CEO

CEO Nancy Williams has over 10 years experience in the industry and was among the first to bring Social Media Marketing to the UK. An acknowledged expert, Nancy’s opinion has been sought by the Sunday Times, the Independent, the B.B.C. and a number of national and international radio and TV stations. She has headlined industry conferences.

Ben Leow | Creative Director

Ben has extensive experience in traditional advertising. With roots in through-the-line agencies dealing with large-scale FMCG, B2B and government communications, he applies strategic thinking to a plethora of online channels to create great campaigns while keeping our team’s expertise at the forefront of the social media boom.

Elena Theodorou | Consultant

A consistent winner of client service and product awards, Elena has the experience to make maximum impact on minimum budgets. Recently retired from a 15 year Investment banking Career in the city where she served as Global Head of FX eCommerce Sales at JPMorgan, she now combines her sales expertise with their Tiger Two to help create a unique and compelling service.

Add the rest of the team, and we might even dare say, that we have all the skills to deliver the very finest Social Media Marketing training and strategies available today.

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