Are You Just in it For The Money?

When you open Tweetdeck in the morning, do you ever ask yourself what you are there for? Have you taken the time to really understand why you spend hours on Facebook or LinkedIn or any other social site on the internet? If you haven’t, sometimes it is a good idea to sit down and take stock. Because when you know why you are there, then you can really head towards your goals.

Let me give you an example.

The reason why I got involved in social media back in 2006 was because I was taken by the ability the tools gave us to come together with people from all over the world around common interests, passions and beliefs. I loved the community aspect. I loved how it encouraged people to share and collaborate. Furthermore, as someone passionate about words and the English language, I loved how it gave people who had the ability to use the language the opportunity to be heard. I also love sharing, teaching, and helping people to learn. I love watching the lightbulb moment. It may seem utopian but that was where my passion for social media came from – which is why I grew a business around it.

In the past few years, business considerations seem to have taken over – and the primary driver became money. How do we pay the rent, salaries, bills and suppliers? How much money are we bringing in? Does it cover our outgoings? I found myself online with that consideration in the forefront of my mind…and needless to say, I found myself losing sight of my goals. I was completely off track.

By taking some time to really think about what I am doing in the social media space, I have realigned myself to my goals and passion and I have found we are forging ahead.

So…why are you online?

Are you there because you are an expert in your field and you want to help others who need your expertise? Does helping someone make you feel warm inside and eager to get out and do more? Are you there because you really want to make a difference, one person at a time? If so, how are you doing that?

Are you online because you love sharing? Are you driven by collaboration and community? If so, are you in the right communities where people share your passion?

Are you online because you want to be popular? Do you have a driving passion to be known by everyone – to achieve the proverbial status of ‘famous’? Are audience numbers what matters to you? If so, how are you gaining them?

Or are you on social media for the bottom line? If so, how have you defined your monetary goals? Are you fully aware of how you are going to convert your social media activity into money? Are you doing it?

These are just a few reasons that people get involved in social media – there are hundreds of others. I don’t pass judgement on any of them, however I do suggest that you determine exactly what drives you. It is only when you can be honest with yourself about your motivation that you will have a chance of succeeding. Otherwise, you may find yourself working towards the wrong goal, or failing to take the necessary steps to get to where you really want to to be.

If you find you are doing things for a reason which doesn’t ring true for you, you will always find it a struggle. In this situation, it is worth taking some time to realign yourself to start moving forward again.

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Author: admin