A Familiar Voice, A New Look and a Big Thumbs Up for WordPress

Months have passed.

After the ranty and angry posts which I ended here with recently, I had a breather. Frankly, I started to feel that there was no point in continuing with this blog if the only time I felt inspired to write it was when something made me really annoyed. I spend most of my time training companies, small businesses and individuals in how to effectively use social media, how to maintain enthusiasm, how to find their voice and really speak to their audience…you would think that I would actually start listening to myself occasionally, wouldn’t you?

So I took a rest, and had a think. I talked to a few people who confirmed what I had thought about the impression I was giving off, and so I had a bit more of a think. And then I navel gazed for a few more weeks and had more of a think. And I came to a conclusion which I actually do impress on most of my students, but perhaps not in so many words. No matter what, you have to be true to yourself and what really makes a blog worth reading is when you can see the personality of the person writing it.

My personality is such that I do get riled up about things. I get really passionate about what I love and what I believe in and find it very hard to keep quiet when I see things being done wrong. Where I have been going wrong is letting that be the only aspect of my personality come out, and the rest of it – the really passionate, excitable and positive side – isn’t being given a chance.

So, I am not going to change. I am just going to remind myself that it is nicer to see all sides of a person whether they are good (without warts) or not so good (with warts).

However, there was part of my personality that wasn’t being enhanced by the old blog design. In fact, I felt we were being a bit let down by the design of the whole website as well. You know how great you feel when you buy a new outfit and wear it out for the first time – well, that’s how I felt when I saw the new website, with blog included. It was like getting a new lease of life.

I didn’t build it – my amazing right-hand man, Ben Leow, did the hard work. But what a great thumbs up to WordPress for making the process so easy and producing such incredible results. Not to mention the talented people at Elegant Themes.

So Tiger Two has a makeover, WordPress has another advocate, and I am going to get on with writing about social media in the only way I know – by being me…warts and all.

Thank you to srivera for the image

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