They Are Just Tools

I am going to keep this one short, because it has been said before, but it definitely is worth saying it again. Social media is an amazing thing. It provides new ways of communicating, marketing, connecting and doing business. It opens things up to global influence and assistance. It saves time (and wastes time) and it has changed the way we do things forever.

However, rather than Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other Web 2.0/social media/online networking/online community site being the panacea which will make us all successful millionaires, they are just tools.

Let me repeat that.

These sites are just tools.

They are no different to the telephone, or a quill pen, ink, paper and a postman, or a telegram. They don’t suddenly make us more coherent. They don’t speak for us. They don’t turn us into something we are not. They are simply tools to facilitate our communication, marketing, networking or business practice. It is up to us to use the tools properly and effectively.

I just wish people would stop seeing Twitter as the be all and end all of communication. Think of it as your telephone to a large number of people. You are still the one that has to speak into the receiver and make the impact.

Sorry to harp on, but sometimes its the obvious things that are the easiest to forget.

Thank you JanneM for the image

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