Web 2.0 Expo (Berlin): George S. Jones from 2058 reporting on Location Based Services

This post is the eighth of 15 posts following the adventures of George S. Jones, a journalist from 2058 who has been sent on assignment back in time to report on the Web2.0 Expo Europe to be held in Berlin from the 21 – 23 October 2008. George, of course, is fictional. And the surrounding story is a figment of my imagination. However, the Web2.0 Expo in Berlin is very real and could very well be the most outstanding conference of its kind. If you want to be a part of it, I have a 35% discount code for anyone who is planning on attending the conference. You can register here https://en.oreilly.com/webexberlin2008/public/register using the code webeu08gr56 to get your discount. The official conference website is at http://europe.web2expo.com/.

Note 812.56.014 – George S. Jones; journalist for the Web2.0 Expo Europe reporting from 2008.

1973. President Richard Nixon visits China, NASA launches Skylab 4, Pink Floyd released Dark Side of The Moon and the last of the US Solidiers in Vietnam leave. It is a really long time ago. Actually, it is quite a long time ago from here in 2008, but from 2058 it is…well…its years. And Madge the Machine, it turns out, is trapped there.

Seems that there really was sabotage back at the office – but rather than the boss being the instigator, it seems she is one of the victims. Turns out that she was sent back to 1973 to get her out of the way – but out of the way of what? The Time Travel Machine is still out of action – it looks like whoever did it knew what they were doing. I am trying not to feel scared, but the repairs seem to be taking a long time. What happens if I don’t get back? Do I just…well, not exist? I can’t exist simultaneously with myself. I don’t know what happened to the last person who got trapped in time…funny, we never heard anything about him again. Nor saw him again…

Stop it – the Time Travel engineers and technicians have moved on since those times more than 20 years ago (or 20 years in the future, whichever way you want to look at it). Unless it was the technicians who were involved in the plot?

Why the boss? Why me?

Ironically enough, the guys at the office managed to find out what had happened to Madge thanks to the location based services which we have in 2058. Not only can they tell you where you are on earth to the precise longitude and latitude, but they can also tell what time you are in. This was a necessary evolution when time travel was discovered. In 2008, Felix Petersen had talked about how important navigation systems and location systems were becoming. It would take several decades before the impact of the discussions which were had in this session at the Web 2.0 Expo were felt, but felt they were. In fact, it is thanks to these early discussions that my office knows where I am now and can get messages through to me. The actual physical time travel mechanism may be broken, but at least the location based services are up and running.

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