Web2.0 Expo (Berlin) Report of George S. Jones, Time Traveller and Journalist from 2058

This post is the first of 15 posts following the adventures of George S. Jones, a journalist from 2058 who has been sent on assignment back in time to report on the Web2.0 Expo Europe to be held in Berlin from the 21 – 23 October 2008. George, of course, is fictional. And the surrounding story is a figment of my imagination. However, the Web2.0 Expo in Berlin is very real and could very well be the most outstanding conference of its kind. If you want to be a part of it, I have a 35% discount code for anyone who is planning on attending the conference. You can register here https://en.oreilly.com/webexberlin2008/public/register using the code webeu08gr56 to get your discount. The official conference website is here http://europe.web2expo.com/.

Note 812.56.007 – George S. Jones; journalist for the Web2.0 Expo Europe reporting from 2008.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the jet lag that travelling back in time gives you. I know this assignment has only brought me back 50 years, but my head feels like I have had far too many SonicX Vodka Tubes and my legs feel like I have spent too long in the anti-gravity pleasure chamber at The Future Park in Margate. Not at all pleasant.”

“Not that I am complaining about the assignment. The Web2.0 Expo in Berlin in October 2008 was, by all accounts, the greatest conference about what was then some exciting new technology in digital history. Of course, it all happened well before I was born, but my Dad was a kid when it happened. I bet he didn’t know how great it was going to be…”

“Hang on. What if I run into him? I can’t remember reading the protocol for that in the Time Travel for Journalists Guide. Must make a note in my iEverything to read that.”

“Anyway, I am George S. Jones, 26, from London City Sector and I have been given the task of coming back to 2008 from 2058 to write a first hand report on the lead up to the Web2.0 Expo in Berlin. And I have 15 days to do it. And my boss is in a bad mood. She’s going to be even madder when she discovers that my instant time messenger isn’t working that well. I don’t think they accounted for prehistorically slow internet. I can’t believe they survived with less than 100GB per second here. I’d fall asleep.”

“Thinking while I spend my time here I might have a look at some of the speaker that spoke at that amazing event, as well as some of the sessions that were run. It does seem strange that they couldn’t have secured me a time travel slot to arrive back here during the conference, but that’s budget cuts for you. This was the best my editor could do, so I guess I should be grateful. My girlfriend is going to be devastated when she finds out that I might even get to see Noah and The Whales – ALIVE! Wow! They were huge! Although, I am not sure that they had actually made it that big yet. Perhaps that was 2009.”

“I must keep focussed but there are so many weird things to take in. It’s all so old-fashioned here. But, my task here is to talk about the Expo and write a historical-first-hand-piece. There could even be a promotion in it…if I am lucky and my boss is in the right mood.”

“Probably the strangest thing I have discovered in my first day of 2008? They are still talking about Web 2.0. Our Expo is the Web 9.0 and although it is being run as a 50 year commemoration, it is a very different discussion indeed. Web 9.0 is so integrated in all of our lives that I can’t imagine how these people in 2008 survive. Can you believe, there are still people here that don’t think the ‘social internet’ (as they called it) was important”

“Right. I have a story to write. But over the next three weeks, I have to remember the fundamentals…”

“Number one – stay inconspicuous. I don’t want to be like the infamous Harvey Castor who did a time travel assignment 10 years ago (that’s 10 years ago from 2058 of course), got all involved with history, messed things up and if the Department of Retrospective History and Time Travel hadn’t got involved, he could have found himself never existing in the first place.”

“Number two – do as much research as I can on the Web2.0 Expo. It’s not every day you get to go back in time and report on such a history changing conference.”

“Number 3 – don’t collect too much historical memorabilia. As exciting as it is to see real newspapers, my official Time Travel Slot has serious luggage restrictions.”

“GSJ signing out for the day. I think I need to sleep off this time travel hangover.”

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