Web2.0 Expo (Berlin): George S. Jones from 2058 reporting on the conference tracks

This post is the second of 15 posts following the adventures of George S. Jones, a journalist from 2058 who has been sent on assignment back in time to report on the Web2.0 Expo Europe to be held in Berlin from the 21 – 23 October 2008. George, of course, is fictional. And the surrounding story is a figment of my imagination. However, the Web2.0 Expo in Berlin is very real and could very well be the most outstanding conference of its kind. If you want to be a part of it, I have a 35% discount code for anyone who is planning on attending the conference. You can register here https://en.oreilly.com/webexberlin2008/public/register using the code webeu08gr56 to get your discount. The official conference website is herehttp://europe.web2expo.com/.

Note 812.56.008 – George S. Jones; journalist for the Web2.0 Expo Europe reporting from 2008.

The Web2.0 Conference and Expo

I still can’t quite get my head into 2008 although a good sleep at least brought my body closer – it’s probably at about 2018 at the moment.

However, I discovered something utterly amazing when I went out for an early morning stroll. Can you believe it – they still have TREES! In the city! I mean, I don’t think the London City Sector has seen a tree since 2040. Property was in such demand that the government decided that all trees were to be removed to maximise real estate space, to be replaced with wall mounted air purifiers and oxygen producers. Sure, they painted them green, but they don’t look anything like an actual tree…

Spent the day doing research on the conference in general. I found an old document (actually it is quite new in 2008) which stated that the purpose of the Web 2.0 Expo was to “bridge the gap between the safe centre technologies and the disruptive edges of Web 2.0”. I found myself smiling when I saw what was being called ‘the disruptive edges’. How right these guys were – bridging that gap created the world which I live in today…er…in 50 years…damn this time-travel-past-future-tense confusion is getting on my nerves!

They ran the conference in 4 tracks – Strategy and Business Models, Marketing and Community, Design and Development. In the Strategy track, I discovered they talked about potential future risks as well as how Web 2.0 was changing the world. I wonder whether it was Drew Bartkiewicz’s discussion on risks which started the ball rolling for the development of the Portable Privacy Alarm and Protector on my iEverything? Hmmm…note to self: check who was the first to come up with the PPAP. The boss should like that. She’s all for direct historical connections…

The Marketing and Community track talked a lot about advertising and marketing in the online world. Wow. This is before the days when adverts were tailored and delivered specifically to you! I wonder what that would be like? Although I do love the way my iEverything says “George, I have a message for you from a sponsor who knows you’re gonna love what he’s got…” – OK, so they aren’t all supposed to speak like that, but my buddy hacked it and replaced the default voice for the new clone of Marilyn Monroe. It’s pretty cool…

The Design and User Experience track dealt a lot with ease, flow and convenience of experience. By 2008, they had made huge inroads into adjusting the user experience to make the web pleasant and intuitive. I am really interesting in finding out more about their thoughts on Mobile 2.0. From what I discovered today, the forward thinking bods who were at this conference knew mobile was the way forward. Clever. I wonder if they knew that it was going to eclipse everything else…?

The final track talked about Development, and they were using some fantastically old fashioned technologies. Groundbreaking at the time, but then I bet when someone goes back to my time from 2108 they are going to look at the technologies we use and say the same thing.

Ah…that’d be the boss calling. I’d better finish this and send it to her. Then I am going out to find Noah and the Whale tickets. And to eat real beef – real, old-fashioned, methane producing beef. I wonder whether it will taste like the synthetic stuff we have nowadays…?

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