Tiger Two – Social Media Marketing

We’ve all heard it a million times, haven’t we?

YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo…

But I bet some of us are still wondering how biting someone’s werewolf can be a good business decision?

And we’re not really sure that the people watching aren’t actually our teenage kids?

Yes, there is the fear that jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon will simply be that – jumping on a bandwagon and heading off down a road which we don’t really want to go.

But what if you actually got it right?

What if the people you were accessing weren’t just potential customers, but targeted and qualified customers?

Actually, we know that most companies out there already use social media. They don’t really want more customers. And we know that they are keeping on top of their campaign daily. It isn’t just engaging their prospects, or consolidating their expertise. It is helping to generate more sales than they know what to do with.


Author: admin